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What is an APP?

We welcome anyone to post articles on this blog, but the post should be real articles, not worthless comments or spam. For various reasons we would write those articles a bit different, so reader discretion is advised.

Let’s start by defining what an APP is. What is an APP?

Usually is a small piece of software code; downloaded into a device (mostly mobile devices), specialized into a certain field and meant to make your life easier.

OR Google version:

A self-contained program or piece of software designed to fulfill a particular purpose; an application, especially as downloaded by a user to a mobile device.

“A services APP” generally represents an operation, but doesn’t have to be a legal operation itself, it’s not legal just because it is listed in the App Store and is not at all a form of conducting business or conducting various other operations. Generally, it’s part of a bigger picture or it is more like an interface to link the mobile device to the main operation center.

Let’s start this blog by clearly understanding, that just because THERE IS AN APP, whatever’s behind that app doesn’t become a legal operation. In fact the APPS should be used to promote established operations and legal forms of conducting businesses for all purposes, also services, including passenger transportation.

So, just because there is an APP in the App Store that doesn’t mean the operation behind it is legit.

                There used to be a commercial on TV saying that: Oh it’s on the internet, so it must be true!  SO it’s alright, if the APP can be downloaded, therefore must be legal.
That is the number one misconception of everything that happened in the APP WORLD in the last 5 to 6 years. In fact, a lot of companies started to laugh when those apps initially showed up. It would be, just like a kid making an APP and putting it out there, envisioning himself becoming the next millionaire. Some really did, but the APP was a silly game which it seems that it worked in a very strange way. That’s what we’re going to debate in most of those articles in this blog.

We are not writing those articles to offend anyone or any entity, we are not against those APPs as it is not our issue, and we are just informing the public of how this really works. We just want to create awareness of those APPs and the devastating future implications in the society.

Just because THERE IS AN APP, that doesn’t mean we can rewrite the way we do many other things. We’re going to use examples to make people understand that an app doesn’t necessary changes the structure of our rules and regulations, or the laws in place. The APPs are not the new way of tuning an illegal operation into a legal one.

Let’s say for example we’re going to create an APP that is going to deliver “drugs”. More like prescription drugs, to people that are “in need”. We’re just going to keep these satiric names just to explain what we’re trying to say here. Let’s presume we’re going to create an APP that is going to deliver painkillers to people in need. First of all, there’s going to be millions of clients overnight, second we’re going to claim that we’re creating jobs by using people to deliver prescription drugs. Now we’re going to distribute them through this app, that would allow me to see where the closest delivery vehicle is, for my needs. I will basically look on the phone and figure out that there is a guy two blocks away from me ready to deliver what I need. Also there is some other customer 3 blocks down the road that he is in need also. This operation would be basically; selling drugs without a license. Anybody in their right mind would feel like this is a good thing? Why? Because we’re creating jobs and also we deliver what people really need, when they need, for dirt cheap prices. Now that we’re cutting the pharmacy out of the deal, that we’re cutting the pharmacist out of the deal, that work cutting even the doctor that makes the prescriptions out of the deal, that’s not a big deal! It is technology and there is a technology company. You know… We are disruptive and we create new environments and technologies.
Now let’s take another example. Well I decided to get some friends, they can be from Facebook, I never really met, but we just like to chat on Facebook. So we are to magically become “21st century friends” and which are going together into a small place and we’re going to serve some drinks. But that’s not a bar operation or nightclub. NO. We’re just having a friendly gathering, where we’re going to serve alcohol and of course in exchange for what we do, we need to be compensated. So they’re going to be maybe some donations in the middle and we don’t really need to tell anybody about what we’re doing it, because we are the latest trend in night gatherings. Do we have anything to comply with? No, not really, because we’re a technology-driven company by putting friends on Facebook together into a location that basically, it’s not an established business. So we’re getting together anywhere we feel like. We may even do it in a park, you know we’re together in a park, or we maybe even want to do it in some place that we decided is appropriate, and it’s not necessarily used anymore. So basically there are no rules and regulations about what we’re doing. But we are legit just because THERE IS AN APP.

We will use more examples in the following blog posts.

That brings us to the next problem. Everything you do as a business, everything you do as an operation, everything you do even as an individual, you need a LICENSE or a PERMIT.

What is a License?      Google version:

1. noun

A permit from an authority to own or use something, does a particular thing, or carries on a trade (especially in alcoholic beverages).

“a gun license”

synonyms: permitcertificatedocument,documentationauthorization,warrant

2. verb

Grant a license to (someone or something) to permit the use of something or to allow an activity to take place.

“brokers must be licensed to sell health-related insurance”

synonyms: permitallowauthorize, grant/give authority, grant/give permission, grant/give a license

For a license to be a doctor, you are going to school, you have to pass exams, you get your training, and then you become a doctor. Same thing with a lawyer, you are getting to school, you are passing exams, you get educated in the field and then you become a lawyer. Same thing with a plumber, you go thru the education process, pass exams, and you get a plumber license. Same like a broker, carpenter, realtor, travel agents, insurance agents and so on to the point that it seems that most of the jobs require some training and a LICENSE. So those things require time and education, and it’s the exact same thing with the taxi driver or limo driver, even truck driver. He goes to school, he passes his exams and also he trains in the work field. He gets a LICENSE. So that’s where our biggest problem starts.

Just because THERE IS AN APP, why do we have to bypass the LICENSE part?

Just because THERE IS AN APP, can we sell drugs without a LICENSE or alcohol in exchange for donations, so we bypass the LIQOUR LICENSE?

Just because THERE IS AN APP, can we sell rides in a car without a LICENSE?

How about: Just because THERE IS AN APP, can we carry a gun without a LICENSE?

If you are a REALTOR, you have a license, that doesn’t necessarily protect you and you don’t look at that license like that’s a shield, but it gives you access to a job, that you can only do it once you are trained. That doesn’t mean anybody off the street that runs an APP just because there is a real estate APP; he’s not going to be able to be a realtor. We need to understand the difference between jumping into doing something and being licensed to do something. Also to understand that is not necessarily the APP developer problem if the operation is legal and licensed. Like we just said; any kid can make an app and put it out there. That’s for the local government to regulate and license businesses.

Now, understand what a license really means. It means: control, regulation and taxation.  There’s nothing else to a license. It is not a monopoly like many would suggest. Licenses are for anyone willing to get one.

Just because you have a license to be a doctor, doesn’t mean you are different than anybody else, but you are regulated to be able to be a doctor and you have to follow certain rules. We also have some control over the industry, knowing how many doctors we need, and we can make sure that everybody is following the guidelines. Everybody is complying with federal and local regulations. And we need to tax all these licenses; we need to make sure we get our fair share cut from all those individuals.

You are a Realtor; you’re able to have access to houses that you are legally entitled to walk into, without being considered burglar. You have certain guidelines that you have to follow and also you are taxed accordingly. There is some sort of bookkeeping behind the whole operation.

You are taxi driver; well you have a license to wander around the city streets. You were educated in that field (believe it or not, there is a school for taxi drivers) that it takes a while and it is not free. You passed an exam (not that easy to pass), than you get drug tested, medically tested, and added into a database (where they check who you really are) to just be in that YELLOW VEHICLE. So is available for everyone, except: felons, sex offenders, etc

Limo Drivers have a LICENSE called “certified professional chauffeur”. They go to school same like every other licensed job (paid school), they pass an exam (if they fail they take the classes again), they get a medical exam, TB tested, drug tested, criminal records check and they go thru this process every year. Just imagine the burden of having a license.

BUT THERE IS AN APP, why does it have to comply with the LICENSE part? It is technology, which is not here yet, or in place or it is not clearly understood by the regulators, but whatever it is; it does not need a license.

This can be an APP that sells prescription drugs, this can be an APP that sells alcohol, this can be an APP that sells prostitutes, and this can be an APP that sells anything that’s ILLIGAL. It is like opening the store without owning anything and selling “stuff” from a remote location that nobody can find. There is no Licensing in place and let’s remember, well………. NO LICENSE means there is no Regulation, there is no Control there is no Taxation.

You get your training, and then you become a doctor, same thing with lawyers, same thing with plumbers, same thing with engineers, same thing with pharmacists, same thing with police officers or firefighters, same thing with teachers, and so on….  you go to school, you go thru the education process, pass exams, you get a license.

SO shouldn’t every APP PARTNER have a LICENSE? A license to operate before the actual operation starts. Just because I would like to become a doctor, I cannot treat patients OR just because I would like to become a police officer, I cannot arrest people OR just because I would like to become a professional driver, I cannot drive people. I need to be that “thing” BEFORE I actually do it.

Beware of the “freedom” that an APP provides. It is not freedom. It is a special kind of stupidity. Let’s all wake up and embrace technology within limits of self-destruction. Based on the facts seen in the passenger transportation industry it is only a matter of time and money until other service industries are going to fell into the same chaos.


We’re basically coming from the limo world, so what we say here should be looked at “all the times” as our opinion. We think that we have a fair opinion, just because we’ve been involved in this business for a long time, we are a reputable company, we are complying with the guidelines and with the license process and we never been found out of compliance. Our opinion on these matters shouldn’t be taken as: against new technology. Should be more like: awareness of where the technologies can take us. In fact where they already did for a long time while we kept quiet because we thought this fight is not necessarily a fight worth going for. Even more, for a long time we thought the local government and also the federal government would look at this matters the same way they should have looked at an illegal operation that sells rides.


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